12 Days of Christmas with Free Shipping this Holiday Season - Day 1

12 Days of Christmas with Free Shipping this Holiday Season - Day 1

*Cue in Michael Bublé's Christmas album*  After what has felt like an eternity to get to the end of the year, here we are celebrating the most wonderful time of the year, December. It’s never too early to celebrate Christmas with festive activities, holiday drinks and pre-chaos holiday shopping. 

Let’s be honest, we all know the gut-wrenching feeling, when you excitedly open up a gift only to discover yet another Starbucks tumbler you don’t need or some Bath and Body works lotion that’ll end up collecting dust under the bathroom sink or simply be re-gifted  

But shopping for anyone on your Christmas list is actually quite hard. It’s so easy to just purchase any item from the Holiday Gift Guides on Amazon when you don’t exactly know what to get for your hard-to-impress friends and/or relatives. 

Christmas is the biggest gift-giving time of the year—so we get it if you're already experiencing headaches, uneasiness and whole lot more anxiety. On top of all that, the holidays mean spending money that you may not have a lot of!  That’s where our 12 days of Christmas Giving comes to the rescue, to help you find meaningful and affordable gifts for just about everyone! 

Annually for two weeks from December 1 - 17th, we will be offering 25% off all  orders over $100 -  from winter essentials, eco-friendly pajamas and stocking stuffers. On top of that, we’re in a fa la la la giving mood, so enjoy FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS this holiday season. 

For the first day of Christmas Giving, we're featuring our Gingerbread Mini Robe By The Lemon Collections! One of the main things that makes robes one of the best presents to give is they can be used all year long. Anyone can enjoy getting hugged by soft fabrics from season to season. And nothing beats waking up or going to bed after a touch of a fluffy, comfy robe.

Whether you’re searching for gifts for your mom, gifts for your fashionista sister, or gifts for your best friend, we’ve got it! Check out our Facebook or Instagram everyday for our daily specials this December! 

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