12 Days of Christmas - Day 2

12 Days of Christmas - Day 2

Christmas is the biggest gift-giving time of the year—so we get it if you're feeling overwhelmed, uneasy and anxious. On top of all that, the holidays mean spending money that you may not have a lot of!  That’s where our 12 days of Christmas Giving is here to help you find meaningful and affordable gifts for just about everyone!

Day 2 Of Christmas Giving features the most adorable slippers ever, the Buddy Winter Slippers! We love slippers as gifts because they're perfect for every family member and makes your shopping list easier than ever! 

These slippers come in two different colors, buff and ivory. We highly recommend buying each color because you could never have too many slippers! It’s snug ankle fit and anti-grip soles ensures your besties or relatives won’t be breaking any ankles when they’re rocking around the Christmas tree or getting a little competitive during family game night. 

We know you’ve been good this year or most of the time or once in a while. So we will be offering 25% off orders over $100 AND FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS- no minimum purchase needed!  

So you can buy as many slippers as you need without making a huge dent on your bank account and actually take the time to wrap presents! As gifters, It is one of the most rewarding yet magical sensation to watch someone rip open their gift to see it’s  exactly what they asked for Christmas. So take the time to craft a heart-felt letter and wrap your gift up just how Buddy The Elf would. It’ll be worth every minute. 

You can never go wrong with cute bear-like slippers, especially if they are warm, well-fitting, and comfortable! Whether you’re searching for gifts for your mom, gifts for your fashionista sister, or gifts for your besties,  we’ve got it! Check out our Facebook or Instagram everyday for our daily specials this December! 

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