12 Days of Christmas - Day 5

12 Days of Christmas - Day 5

*Cue in Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas*  After what has felt like an eternity to get to the end of the year, here we are celebrating the most wonderful time of the year, December. Christmas is all about family-gatherings, endless amounts of festive goodies and treats and of course PRESENTS!

Christmas is the biggest gift-giving time of the year—so we get it if you're overwhelmed, anxious and stressed. On top of all that, the holidays mean spending money that you may not have a lot of!  That’s where our 12 days of Christmas Giving is here to help you find meaningful and affordable gifts for just about everyone!

Day 5 Of Christmas Giving features our Fingerless Snowflake Gloves! Winter activities such as ice skating and visiting winter markets are much more bearable with these gloves or mitts. It’s velvety-wool blend interior keeps your hands warm while it's free to text and shop online. 

These gloves come in two different colors, pastel grey and charcoal. We highly recommend buying each color to add to yours, your moms, your besties glove collection! It’s faux velvety fur details add a feminine and luxurious look to a budget-friendly gift. 

It’s that time of year where It’s beginning to cost a lot, like Christmas. ENJOY 25% OFF ON ORDERS OVER $100 AND FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS - no minimum purchase needed. So you can focus on what's truly important - opening gifts, spending time with family and binge-watching new Netflix shows. 

You can never go wrong with snowflake gloves, especially if it is designed to keep hands warm, cozy, comfortable and free! Whether you’re searching for gifts for your mom, gifts for your fashionista sister, or gifts for your besties, we’ve got it! Check out our Facebook or Instagram everyday for our daily specials this December! 

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