Don't Be Afraid of Colour, Blocking, and Layering!

Don't Be Afraid of Colour, Blocking, and Layering!

Now that the turkey and stuffing have had time to settle and the waistbands of our pants collectively feel a bit tighter, we are suddenly ushered into the middle of arguably the best season of the year.  There really are so many things to love about this season.  Waking up on a weekend morning and lying in bed without feeling guilty about wasting the morning hours away, because who wants to be productive on a cold, grey morning? The excitement and lead up to Halloween, with afternoons at the pumpkin patch drinking hot apple cider. Achieving that windblown, rosy cheeked and natural glow that only a true fall day can provide, all for a good Instagram photo of course! And a favourite for everyone is watching the leaves turn those beautiful and rich colours.
There is no doubt that the Autumn season has so much to offer, but there’s no need to tell fashion lovers that the true best part of the fall is indeed the fashion.  And there’s something about the changing of the fall season in particular that makes people want to spend money on new clothes.  It’s likely that this is because the fall season is the longest of the year, we are more likely and more willing to spend money and invest in our fall wardrobe as we do wear these things the longest.  And let’s be honest, how often do you come home from a leisurely afternoon autumn stroll with a latte in one hand, and shopping bags in the other? Credit cards get their biggest workout throughout the fall and winter months.
This season's trending colours really reflect the warm tones of the transition of the seasons. Jewel tones, golden mustards, rich ochers and soft beiges are dominating the collections everywhere.  These colours may seem a bit bold for some, but are actually quite versatile as they truly work as a fall neutral. Not only can they be worn on nearly any skin tone, but can be easily mixed with light and dark denims, prints and blocking to make for a subtly bold statement. And this season, colour and texture blocking make it even easier to incorporate these tones into your wardrobe. Style of Life has some great new releases to help you find the perfect statement for you!
Layering up in Canada, no matter where you are, is actually a great way to keep warm, but it is also the perfect chance for you to show off your own unique style. However, layering up while still looking fashionable can be tricky, after all no one wants to look like the Michelin Tire Man.
Cardigans are often a way to add layers to your outfit, and keep cozy without looking too bulky. The Pearce Cardigan by Lost in Lunar combines both the colour and texture blocking into one to make for an unforgettable duster.  Wear this and you’d be sure to get compliments! Made from acrylics so you don’t have to worry about the itch factor, and of course with deep pockets for all the money you’ll be spending this fall, the Pearce is still warm enough to keep you toasty throughout the coming cold months.  Layer it with one of the Lost in Lunar vintage tees and some acid wash denim for a cool and relaxed look, and easily throw a wool coat over top to finish off this look.

Even though the fall season is well underway, a hint of winter is rearing its cold, unpredictable head in certain areas of the country, and thus, another knit season begins!  Those favourite fall knits make their way out from the depths of everyone’s closets. Lightweight knits offer the advantage of still being able to use as a thin bottom layer if needed, but are easily worn on their own with a heavy jacket on a slightly warmer day. Our Mikayla Knit, also by Lost in Lunar, has been a customer favourite already.  This beautiful golden mustard tone also pairs well under the Pearce Cardigan for a warm, layered look.  Featuring a slight v neck, ribbed sleeves which will keep the warmth in, and a flattering silhouette, you’ll feel comfortable going bold in this comfy knit!

AngelEye London offers another colour block option with the Cleo sweater in softer, beige and tan tones for those who want something a little less loud, while still keeping the edgy aesthetic. This sweater is made from a luxuriously soft acrylic fabric, and will easily become your favourite new knit because of its versatility.  Wear it to the office, out to dinner, or for your family pumpkin patch photos! 

As we head deeper into the fall, and creep into the winter, we have much more to keep you stylish and cozy, because believe it or not, the two can indeed coexist!  Check back on a weekly basis to check out our new releases, and see what we have in store for you!

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