Early Black Friday Special Item

Early Black Friday Special Item

Nothing screams the holiday season than Black Friday! It’s every shoppers dream to buy as many items as they can before midnight! And it’s an absolute thrill when you can purchase everything on your online Wishlist. 

But we all know that depressing feeling, when a site crashes and all the pieces you’ve planned to buy are no longer on your shopping cart. Then it's a race to the finish line to find ALL the item, add it to your cart and check out! *Cue in the drama, cue in the panic* 

So do something a little different this year, avoid virtual line ups and opt for small Canadian businesses like Style of Life. We bring you a wide range of international brands from London to Melbourne to fit your fashion sense and needs! 

Our early Black Friday special Item is the Knit Loungewear Set in Black by AngelEye! AngelEye is one of UK’s most flourishing and fastest growing brands. Combining eye catching styles mixed with unique prints, the brand incorporates London street culture throughout its designs. Each piece is beautifully created, well-constructed and very affordable with that signature ‘London’ feel!

Whether you’re searching for gifts for your mom, gifts for your fashionista sister, or gifts for your best friend, or simply looking for more Black Friday items to watch out for, we've got it! 

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