Frankie Says, Relax!

Frankie Says, Relax!

The hustle and excitement surrounding the busy October month has subsided. The Halloween candy has long been eaten, the clock has jumped back confusing us all, and now we buckle in for the long stretch before the holiday season. As we slip into November, and reality and routines set back in, there is a general sense of being lost this particular season. It’s almost as if someone let the air out of a balloon; we are all looking a little deflated and worse for wear, but hey, at least we’re all looking like this together!

It’s indisputable that this year has brought a lot of stress and anxiety into the world for everyone, and this winter is likely going to be a difficult one. Admittedly, it’s hard not to be affected by the barrage of constant pandemic related news updates and negativity that inundates our daily lives. Restlessness is abound as we have been unable to venture much further than our front doors, and we are all forgetting what life used to be like. Who would have thought a day would come where we would want to go back to work at the office, rather than lounging at home, working from the comfort of our couches? The whole world seems in chaos right now, but alas we must remind ourselves to stay responsible, take care of ourselves, and as Frankie would say, relax.

Self-care is an extremely important part of life right now. Whether it’s the simple things such as taking a candle lit bubble bath, wrapping yourself up in a cozy blanket with some hot tea and a book, or giving your credit card a bit of exercise with some online shopping, (which let’s be honest is probably the only thing getting any exercise right now), taking the time to make sure your basic needs are met is crucial to getting through these tough times. It’s easy to let the simple things slide when there’s a lot going on around us, but it’s also the simple things that remind us to stay grounded and provide little gems of happiness. And sure, money can’t buy happiness but it’s hard not to be happy when you see some of the goodies Style of Life Canada has to offer you!

For that ray of sunshine and positivity that we surely all could use more of right now, Om & Ah aims to deliver positive vibes into the world and this brand is a favourite with the Style of Life Canada team. It’s funny that a piece of clothing can be so powerful, but the Warrior long sleeve tee delivers these great vibes with the quote: “I am a Warrior, strong than I’ve ever been.” Whether you’ve been dealing with cancer, a silent illness, or just the dumpster fire of a year that has been 2020, you’ll feel like the warrior you are in this motivating tee. Wear it lounging at home, to the yoga studio, layer it up this season with one of our Om & Ah hoodies.

Our Lemon brand from New York provides some of the ultimate seasonal comfy and cozies and essentials for relaxing. It’s as if a special, softness elixir was added in the production of their products, as you won’t believe how luxurious these products feel. In particular, the famous seamless fur lined leggings from Lemon are an absolute necessity for the upcoming cold months thanks to the warmth and comfort they provide. These leggings can be worn underneath a pair of pants as a warming layer, with dresses when you’re feeling extra chilly, or even worn on their own with an oversized sweater and some boots for a cute, wintery look. It’s not often that a pair of leggings delivers such versatility and durability, so trust us when we say you’ll be living in these all season.

Another favourite from Lemon is their loungewear, and with all the relaxing you’ll be doing in the coming months, you’ll need to add another lounge suit to the wardrobe before the other ones get covered in too much chip dust. The Toasty Ember Sweater and Ultimate Track Jogger will keep you looking and feeling effortlessly stylish. With a touch of cashmere added in, and a relaxed fit, this combo is deliciously comfortable and will leave you wanting more from the Lemon family.

The cozy season is just kicking off, so make sure to stay tuned to Style of Life Canada for more exciting things ready to be delivered to your front door! And if you aren’t already following us on social media, pop on over to our social media pages now!

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