Meet ANGELEYE Fashion - Bringing London Street Wear to Canada

Meet ANGELEYE Fashion - Bringing London Street Wear to Canada

At Style of Life, we pride ourselves in offering collections that are unique, diverse and carefully chosen, making our online boutique a one stop shopping experience for all our customers. We want to give you on-trend, fresh and stylish designs from Australia, Europe, the US and Canada.  

With our mini brand series, we'll be introducing to you all the different brands we carry from around the world. *drum roll please* Meet ANGELEYE Fashion - bringing London street culture to the world. 

ANGELEYE is one of the UK’s most flourishing and fastest growing brands. It launched its first retail shop at Camden Market in London (a diverse community of creative sellers, independent retail stores with vintage, original fashion, hand-crafted accessories, unique gifts and food) in 2008. 

Angel Xue, Founder and Creative Director, goal was to make the modern women feel confident, feminine and proud. Now she designs womenswear inspired by the edginess and free-spirited of London market roots, and breaking conventional and evolving ever-changing trends and styles. Their collection of party wear, work wear, lounge wear combines eye-catching prints and patterns with high-quality fabrics and materials. 

ANGELEYE has been mentioned through numerous prestige fashion magazines like Vogue,  More, Look, Heat, OK and Viva! It's definitely a brand you don't want to miss out on! 

Here are some of our favourite ANGELEYE fashion pieces: 

  1. Valetta Jumper in Black and Grey 

We love a cute, versatile off the shoulder jumper that will practically go with  everything. It’s adaptability makes it incredibly easy to pair with literally any bottom you desire, yes anything! Skirts, jeans, dress pants, sweats, leggings - you name it! 

Here's our take to an Emily in Paris inspired look! ⁠Nothing screams French fashion than a beret, a red lip and plaid pants! If this isn't your cup of tea, we've styled this one sweater, seven different ways for any day of the week! 

2.  Sofia Midi Skirt - While a silk midi dress is still popular among fashion goers, its younger sis (aka, the slip skirt) has taken center stage. As it turns out, thanks to new patterns, prints, and designs emerging, figuring out how to wear a slip skirt is easier than ever.

It's a classic staple that dares you to try different ensembles you’d think will never go together and be surprised. We bet Carrie Bradshaw owns a closet full of them and would totally approve of you purchasing this piece!

3. Zanthe Jacket - Shackets are everywhere and it is totally blowing up our social media feeds and we’re here for it & you should be too! It’s the perfect layering piece and luxe way to glam up your look. We're predicting this is going to be back bigger than ever in 2022! 

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