Meet Sticks & Stones - Bringing Vintage Leather Accessories to Canada

Meet Sticks & Stones - Bringing Vintage Leather Accessories to Canada

At Style of Life, we pride ourselves in offering collections that are unique, diverse and carefully chosen, making our online boutique a one stop shopping experience for all our customers. We want to give you on-trend, fresh and stylish designs from Australia, Europe, the US and Canada.  

With our mini brand series, we'll be introducing to you all the different brands we carry from around the world. *drum roll please* Stick and Stones - bringing vintage leather accessories to the world! 

Sticks and Stones started in the late ’70s as a young and vintage leather brand in Amsterdam, showcasing its designs on the Waterlooplein in the old city center of Amsterdam. 

In the 70s and 80s, it was time when leather jackets and bags were black and brown only, which inspired Sticks and Stones to become the first brand to branch out and design a colorful leather collections. From there Sticks and Stones started as a small family-owned company and later became an international leather brand.

Sticks and Stones is dedicated to manufacturing responsibly and strive to offer fair, social, healthy and safe conditions for workers in their supply chain.

They only work with carefully curated suppliers, that meet their own brand’s premium standards and where there is a humane working environment with fair labor hours, fair wages, minimum age requirements, membership of a union and safe working conditions. 

Here are some of our favourite pieces: 

  1. Bolivia Leather Cross Body Bag  This rich leather cognac bag is perfect for your everyday wear! With a storage compartment built into the flap, an additional zip pocket inside the main compartment, and another roomy zip pocket located on the back, you can fit your day to day needs in this luxuriously soft cross body bag. 

2. Indio Leather Belt Bag  This leather belt bag features incredibly soft vegan tanned leather. The bag contains two separate zip compartments for easy organization, four card slots inside, additional internal zip pockets and an adjustable strap. Best way to go hands-free and still look stylish! 


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