Meet Style of Life - Bringing International Brands to Canada

Meet Style of Life - Bringing International Brands to Canada

At Style of Life, we pride ourselves in offering collections and brands that are unique, diverse and carefully chosen, making our online boutique a one stop shopping experience for all our customers. We want to give you on-trend, fresh and stylish designs from Australia, Europe, the US and of course, Canada.  

With our mini brand series, we'll be introducing to you all the different brands we carry from around the world.

Starting with our European Brands: 

  1. ANGELEYE is one of the UK’s most flourishing and fastest growing brands. It started off as a small retail business in 2008,  launching its first ever shop at the infamous Camden Market (a diverse community of creative sellers, independent retail stores with vintage, original fashion, hand-crafted accessories, unique gifts, food and more) One of their biggest goals is to bring their London streetwear roots to womenswear and breaking conventional trends and styles.

  2. Cara & The Sky (link to Cara & The Sky brand post) is an independent brand with a positive outlook on life, produced entirely in-house in the UK. This London born company built its brand around fun-loving, free spirited humans with love for knitwear, bright colours, and unique sense of style.

    They pride themselves in creating capsule collections that'll stand the test of time and challenging the world of fast fashion by focusing on slow fashion and minimalism.

  3. Om & Ah (link to Cara & The Sky) London based company, founded by Charlotte and Claire, was built around their experience in fashion and media and wanting to tell their story through clothes, specifically luxury loungewear collections. It started out as an idea but it's now where their passions could run free and send positive vibes into the world. Since the beginning they have decided to ensure their clothing is ethically sourced. With that, they partnered with suppliers and manufacturers that only practice fair trade and fair wages.

  4. Sensis (link to sensis brand post) Founded in 2008 as a sleepwear brand, this Polish brand started out as a small sewing family business. Sensis was created with women who value comfort and style in mind. Since the beginning they wanted their brand to speak to those who are fashion enthusiasts and eco-conscious.

    Labeled as GOTS certified is no small feat, it guarantees that the clothing that Sensis is producing is free from toxic chemicals and pollutants and ensures their customers get the highest quality fabrics and materials. Now Sensis has become one of the most recognizable brands offering fun, flirty & stylish designs for women of all ages.

  5. Sticks and Stones (link to sticks & stones brand post) a Dutch brand that has been creating high-quality leather goods for over 40 years. In the 70s and 80s where all leather items were just a classic black and brown, Sticks and Stones became the  first brand to branch out and offer a wide range of colorful leather pieces. 

    They are extremely proud of manufacturing and their social responsibility to offer fair, social, healthy and safe conditions for all workers in their supply chain.

Our Australian Brands: 

  1. Lost in Lunar (link to lost in lunar brand post) is a bohemian fashion label created by sister duo Denise and Nellie to express their love for travel, exploration, and creativity. The sisters sought to womens clothing that embraced individuality and self-expression. 

    In 2015, Lost in Lunar (formally Wilde Heart the Label) outgrew their junior image and evolved into a more mature and contemporary brand. Designed in Melbourne, Lost In Lunar debuts new styles and fashion pieces weekly. 

  2. Madison The Label (link to Madison the Label brand post) founded in 2010, by the rockstar duo sisters Denise and Nellie, wanted to combine feminine pieces with a cool downtown edge.The brand offers versatile and classic clothing designed to fit seamlessly into both the lifestyle and wardrobe of the chic urban girl.

Our US Brand: 

  1. The Lemon Collections (link to lost in Lemon brand post) is founded by Maria Giraldi, was inspired to give women the softest yarn in all parts of their lives. The collection has a wide selection of robes, sweaters, pants, socks, slippers, legwarmers & leggings all made with luxurious fabrics such as cashmere and brushed modal. It's perfect for expressing one’s individuality in a flirty, fun, refined, or discreet manner—it’s all about your mood and personality. 

Now that you've met all our brands - which one is your favorite and which one are you excited to see what they have to offer next season? Let us know in the comments below! 

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