Merry Christmas from Style of Life Canada

Merry Christmas from Style of Life Canada

T’is almost the night before Christmas, and the only thing stirring is your brain, trying to figure out what to get for those last few people you completely forgot about. Panic sets in. You can’t sleep. Christmas carols cloud your brain. What do you do!?

With the big day just days away, it's very likely that you haven’t quite finished your holiday shopping. It could be that, like some of us, you actually enjoy the pre Christmas shopping panic. Believe it or not, there are some people that find part of that shopping stress is what makes it truly feel like the holiday season. Rushing around the mall to buy gifts while other worried shoppers run to and fro, juggling far too many shopping bags, and ending the madness with a warm drink and treat for all the hard work. Truthfully, how many of us end up with more gifts for ourselves than others while shopping?

But all jokes aside, last minute gift shopping can be quite a headache, and given that this year a lot of shopping has been done online, it does take away some of the stress factor for those who prefer to avoid all the panic.

While it may be too late for ordering gifts to arrive by December 25th, barring a Santa miracle,
Style of Life Canada has some great options for those post Christmas gifts that you need to hand out. I know I can’t be the only one who uses the excuse “I forgot your gift but I have something for you!”

Our Lemon collection is an absolute fan favourite when it comes to cozy Christmas gifts. Whether you are looking for something for your young niece, or your elderly grandmother, Lemon has an array of incredibly soft and comfy cozies for everyone. Ranging from cute slippers, such as the Buddy Slipper, to beautiful legwarmers, and hat and gloves sets, it will be easy to fill a stocking in this section.

Our Sensis lounge and sleepwear is another great easy gift to give. With 2021 starting off the same way 2020 has ended, loungewear is going NOWHERE anytime soon. In fact, the trend just keeps getting bigger and better, and who doesn’t want to be sitting around feeling comfortable while working from home?

Our fashion section included the ever popular Om & Ah London collection that ships to Canada for steep shipping fees, so why not avoid the costs and buy local, and spreading the positivity with their happy vibes!

Style of Life Canada has so much to offer, so hurry up and grab those last minute gifts before they find out you actually didn’t get them anything! From all of us at Style of Life Canada, we wish you the best this holiday season!

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