Our Black Friday Must-Have Item

Our Black Friday Must-Have Item

Black Friday is every shoppers dream - I mean who doesn’t love deals and discounts off items they've been wanting for dayzzz. I know you’ve spent hours or even days scouring through the web and virtually hand picking gifts for yourself, BFFS, relatives and everyone else in between! 

But we all know that upset-stomach feeling, when you check out all your favourite pieces on your shopping cart to discover certain items are sold out or just missing. So this year avoid online shopping at Babaton or Aritzia and opt for small Canadian businesses like Style of Life. We bring you a wide range of international brands from London to Melbourne to fit your fashion sense! 

So our must-have item for Black Friday is the Susan Short Lounge Set by Sensis! This effortlessly chic minimalist lounge set is a walking comfy masterpiece. Definitely pair this set with our Millee Lounge Cardigan to truly enhance the unwinding experience! Available in all sizes from extra small to extra large. 

Sensis was created with women who value comfort and style in mind, and from the very beginning of their journey, Sensis wanted their brand to speak to those who merge high-end fashion with eco-conscious mindset. Sensis puts care into ensuring what you get is of the highest quality - from sourcing the fabric to where it is sewed.

Whether you’re searching for gifts for your mom, gifts for your fashionista sister, or gifts for your best friend, or simply looking for more Black Friday items to watch out for, we've got it! 

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