Sustainable Fashion and Sensis

Sustainable Fashion and Sensis

This week, we received a question about whether the clothes we carry are ethically made. This question seems to be one that is on all our minds, consumers and brands. The rise of the eco-fashion or sustainable fashion movement has led to consumers being more aware and conscious of what exactly they are paying for. Gone are the days of trendy seasonal colors with unsustainably low prices, consumers today have taken an interest in the concept of ethical clothing and sustainability.

So while large corporations may have added a ‘Sustainable’ or ‘Conscious’ line, fast fashion is undoubtedly still leaving a negative impact on the environment. Sustainable fashion, or “slow fashion” takes the whole process of the product into account, from the production process to the sourcing of the garment, the goal of eco-conscious brands is to put care into how their products are affecting the environment, the workers, and the communities where they are produced.



Got Proof? GOTS Certification

With consumers being flooded by buzzwords like ‘Organic’ and ‘Ethical’, it may be difficult to check the labels of each item to see whether they are making good on their promises. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) label makes it a little easier for you to guarantee that the clothing that you’re buying is free from toxic chemicals and pollutants, and is backed by a clearly defined and transparent set of criteria, which you can learn more about here!

Getting ready for cozy season? Want to sleep in style? Look good and feel good with Sensis.


What is Sensis? 

One of the brands that we want to highlight in this week’s blog is Sensis, a GOTS certified brand that we love! Founded in 2008 as a sleepwear brand, this Polish brand started out as a small sewing family business. Sensis was created with women who value comfort and style in mind, and from the very beginning of their journey, Sensis wanted their brand to speak to those who are both fashion and eco-conscious. Being GOTS certified is no small feat, and Sensis has always emphasized how involved they are in every step of the manufacturing process. Sensis puts care into ensuring what you get is of the highest quality - from sourcing the fabric to where it is sewed. 

Another aspect of importance to Sensis is their designs. This is reflected in their clothes, which feature well-fitting cuts, simple and timeless designs. Through the years, Sensis has broadened their product range, not only with sleepwear, but with loungewear, bathrobes, and more. 

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