Sweet Treats for Your Wardrobe. Happy Halloween 2020!

The fall crispness is now fading, and in its place, a spooky feeling permeates the air and lurks around dark corners as Halloween creeps up on us. And this year, it provides a much needed time of fun and frivolity during these strange times, how ironic is that? Besides the neighbourhood children eager to trick or treat, and families decorating their front yards with increasingly frightening and realistic scenes, the Halloween loving adults are awash with giddiness for their “epic” costumes that they spent ridiculous amounts of money on for one night of wear. It’s a fun time for all, but how much do you actually know about the holiday? As it turns out, not nearly as many people know about the Celtic origins of this pagan holiday (Style of Life staff included), so here is a very quick and abridged history lesson!
Dating back roughly 2000 years or so, Samhain (pronounced ‘sow-win’) translates to ‘summers end’ and was a Celtic festival held to celebrate the end of harvest season, and the start of a new Celtic year. This time of transition was hugely significant, as it signified the start of the dark half of the Celtic year and difficult times to come throughout the colder months.  The Celts reflected on the meaning of death and rebirth during this time, and it was believed by many that the gods and spirits from the “otherworld” returned to earth during the festival.  Bonfires were held, sacrifices were presented, and even costumes were worn by some festival participants in hopes to appease and protect against any disgruntled spirits.
It’s easy to see where modern Halloween very loosely draws its roots from.  The spook factor has remained intact, and become the focus of this holiday, but in a year where the world is dealing with a pandemic amongst many other things, things are scary enough right now.  Going out and spending copious amounts of money on candy, decorations, wine and other “necessities” for the holiday is definitely a way to pick up our…spirits… this season.
However, if you’re spending this year’s Halloween in a more responsible and COVID friendly manner and curling up in front of the tv with a bottle of wine to watch your favourite chill inducing film, Style of Life Canada has some great picks to keep you comfortable and relaxed at home.  You’re going to need somewhere to spend your Halloween cash on, anyway!
Our first pick this week comes from a brand called Sensis Sleepwear.  Sensis is a family owned and operated business from Poland, where they also manufacture all their products. The Sophie Lounge Set and Millee Cardigan by Sensis is an incredibly versatile set that you will fall in love with immediately.  Lounge suits are at the top of wardrobe needs this fall, as there is finally an excuse to not have to dress for the office. Working from your own living room doesn’t have to mean stained sweatshirts. This lounge set, also available in a short option, provides ultimate comfort with its incredible softness, and relaxed fit.  Featured in golden mustard, one of this falls on trend colours, you can wear this at home, or dash out to the store and not worry about looking like you just rolled out of bed, unless you actually did!


In keeping with the festive colour theme, our Be Kind Comfort Zip  Hoodie by Om & Ah London in mustard is another great item that will keep you cozy as you spend the Sunday morning after Halloween night in front of the fireplace with a cup of coffee. This hoodie will have you wondering if it’s turned inside out due to the amazingly soft fleece on the outside, but fear not, you’ll be kept warm through the cold months. And to make it easy for you, you can team this piece with one of our many other Om & Ah tees or long sleeve shirts to finish off the outfit!


And of course, if you want to add a little festive fun to any outfit, we have some great little pumpkin masks from Celeste Stein! Happy Halloween from Style of Life Canada, and as always, be sure to check back next week for some exciting warm and cozies for the winter season! And...make sure to stay up to date with newest arrivals by following Style of Life Canada on Facebook and Instagram!

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